The Morning Constitutional: Every Blackhawk Is An Olympian

Via @NHLBlackhawks

Via @NHLBlackhawks

While Patrick Kane will be the only Blackhawk to play for the United States in the Olympics next month, he’s far from the only Olympian on the team. That’s a photo of all of our Olympians above, and I suppose it’s a good thing to have so many great players on your team.

Of course, there’s a flip side to that. While many NHL players will spend the Olympic break actually taking a break, just about every important player on the Blackhawks roster will be playing hockey. And when you’re playing hockey there is the inherent risk of injury of both the lower and upper body varieties. I won’t pretend that this doesn’t worry me because the Blackhawks are one injury away from this season going in a very different direction.

Just ask the Bulls how that works.

So while I can’t wait for the Olympics to get started — the Winter Olympics are far and away my favorite variety of Olympics — I can’t wait for them to be over, with everybody all in one piece.

What’s Going On This Morning?

Luol Deng’s exit shows the callous nature of business – SB Nation
Bulls tank underway? – Blog A Bull
Bulls coping after trading Deng – Tribune
Could Kirk Hinrich be the next to go? – USA Today

I wrote about how this latest Bulls rebuild could impact the franchise in the future on Tuesday, but before we get that far it’s important to look at how it impacts things now as well.

White Sox prospect lists, now featuring depth – South Side Sox

The White Sox have prospects! It’s a damn miracle! Seriously, though, it feels like the White Sox got as far in their rebuild in six months as the Cubs have the last two seasons.

I can only imagine how angry Cubs fans would be with Epstein and Hoyer if the Sox swept in and got Tanaka.

“We are now a fucking drug cartel.” – Warming Glow

Do you like Archer? Well, things are going to be a bit different this season. See how the universe works? I replace NotHawk with The Chicago Homer and Archer picks up all the cocaine NotHawk left behind and runs with it.

Anything To Watch Today?

Blackhawks vs. New York Rangers – 7pm, NBC Sports

Illinois at Wisconsin – 8pm, Big Ten Network

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