The Morning Constitutional: I Didn’t Forget About Greg Maddux

Greg Maddux winds back to pitch

Lest you start to believe that I don’t care about the Cubs, I’ll have you know that I’m aware Frank Thomas wasn’t the only player with Chicago connections who will be entering the Hall of Fame this year.

It’s just that I don’t really consider Greg Maddux a Cub. I know his career started on the north side, but Maddux left Chicago for Atlanta following the 1992 season. I wasn’t yet 13 years old, and my true sports consciousness hadn’t really developed yet. I knew who Greg Maddux was, I knew he was good, and I even saw him pitch in person a few times. I just wasn’t old enough to know what any of it meant.

So the Maddux I truly grew up watching was the Atlanta Braves version of Greg Maddux. And he was the greatest pitcher I’ve ever seen, and anybody who didn’t vote for him was an idiot, even if they only left him off because they knew he’d get in so they tried to help another player’s chances.

But when he goes into Cooperstown this summer his plaque will be wearing an Atlanta Braves hat. That’s how I saw him, and how I’ll always see him.

What’s Going On This Morning?

But back to Frank Thomas. So many people have written so many things about Frank since Wednesday’s announcement, and you should read all of them because they’re about Frank Thomas and Frank Thomas was fucking awesome. Here are just a few.

Here’s a photo of the ad the White Sox are taking out in both the Tribune and Sun Times today.

Via @CST-Soxvan

Via @CST-Soxvan

Luol Deng says he never asked the Bulls for $15 million a season and more in an interview with the Trib.

I can’t help but feel like this is a mistake, but I suppose it’s possible Atkinson thinks that staying at Notre Dame for one more season and getting even less carries in 2014 would be a bigger one.

Anything To Watch Today?

  • DePaul at Butler – Fox Sports 1, 6pm
  • Northwestern at Iowa – ESPNU, 8pm

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