The Morning Constitutional: Mel Tucker Isn’t Going Anywhere


If you were a fan of a Bears defense that allowed at least 20 points in every single game this season, I have some excellent news for you. On Sunday, while they hoped you were distracted by the NFL playoffs, the Bears issued a statement.

Defensive line coach Mike Phair and linebackers coach Tim Tibesar will not be back next season.  Mel Tucker, however, will be.

“Our team evaluations are ongoing,” said Marc Trestman in the release. “We believe Mel (Tucker) is the right person to lead our defensive unit.”

Which, honestly, I don’t even know. I’m not exactly pleased with this development. You can mention all the injuries the Bears had on defense during the season, and you’d be making an excellent point. The problem with that excuse, though, is that a good defensive coordinator would be able to adjust to what he has to work with.

At no point during the season did I see Mel Tucker adjust to anything.

Yes, injuries hurt, but you would think a professional defense, even a young unit filled with second and third stringers, would at least understand what a run fit is. This Bears defense did not. There’s getting beat by your man and not getting where you’re supposed to be, and then there’s just not knowing where you’re supposed to be.

All too often this season Bears defenders did not know where they were supposed to be. And maybe that’s why Phair and Tibesar won’t be back. Maybe that’s all on them.

Still, I can’t shake the feeling that by not firing Mel Tucker now the only thing the Bears are doing is guaranteeing they’ll be firing him a year from now. I hope he proves me wrong, but I doubt it.

What’s Going On This Morning?

When Joakim Noah finally spoke following Saturday night’s game he almost made me feel bad about being so pro-tanking. But then I was like fuck that, because tanking is exactly what the Bulls should be doing right now. There is no Derrick Rose, and there is no Luol Deng. They didn’t have a chance to win a title with those two, and now without them? Get that lottery pick.

Sticking with the Bulls, this shouldn’t come as a shock to you. The front office is telling Noah and the rest of the players that they aren’t interested in tanking, and it might actually be telling them the truth. The problem there is, though, that if this isn’t about tanking then there’s only one other thing that it can all be about. Money. In particular, not spending it. And the players know that too.

I’m just as tired of talk about what’s wrong with the Hall of Fame and steroids and how people should be voting as you are, but I just felt Jim hit the nail right on it’s dumb head here.

An all-time Cubs team without Mark Grace or Andre Dawson on it. No Ryan Theriot either!

Anything To Watch Today?

  • Bulls vs. Wizards – 7pm, CSN

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2 thoughts on “The Morning Constitutional: Mel Tucker Isn’t Going Anywhere

  1. I’m willing to give Tucker another chance. Can’t get worse, right? It seemed like it was execution more than gameplan and the players have to be held accountable too. Position coaches should be much more responsible for the execution, hence they lost their job. However, that argument can sure be made for Conte’s coach too.

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