The Morning Constitutional: One More Ride For Dayan Viciedo


I had high hopes for Dayan Viciedo when the White Sox signed him out of Cuba. He was one of those signings that was not only hyped, but also seemed capable of living up to it when he got here.

When he first came to Chicago in 2010 he only played in 38 games, but put up a line of .308/.321/.519 with an OPS+ of 122. Surely he’d become a mainstay in the middle of the Sox order for years to come. I mean, Hawk Harrelson said he hadn’t seen anybody with a livelier bat since Carlos Delgado, and Hawk has never been one for hyperbole!

Things haven’t quite gone to plan, however. In 300 games over the last three seasons Viciedo has hit .260/.305/.424 with an OPS+ of 94 and been worth 0.9 WAR. In other words, he’s been wholly average.

And on Monday he received $2.8 million for being so. Which exactly what he was paid in 2013.

Heading into the 2014 season I’m not nearly as high on Viciedo as I once was, but when there was talk of the Sox trading an outfielder this winter — and they still might, you never really know — I preferred it be Alejandro De Aza (though wait 10 more minutes and I’ll change my mind). Mostly because I’m not ready to give up on a 25-year old player with the liveliest bat since Carlos Delgado.

I’m willing to give him one more year to show signs of becoming the player I wanted him to be.

What’s Going On This Morning?

I generally don’t get wrapped up in hating announcers the way so many people I know do. Maybe I’m just too into my own head when watching a game, but I generally don’t give a shit what an announcer is saying. So many of you feel differently, though, including the guys at The Committed Indian who are getting pretty tired of a guy I’ve always liked: Eddie O.

Notre Dame’s new defensive coordinator is Brian VanGorder, who I think will be fine because it’s the talent that’s made Notre Dame’s defense what it is. What interests me far more than anything is how losing both their coordinators will affect the Irish next season.

Corey Wootton underwent surgery and he’s going to be out four to six months. Which wouldn’t be a huge deal if Wootton weren’t becoming a free agent this spring. Personally I’d like to see the Bears bring him back. Odds are he won’t be very expensive, and he proved how versatile he can be this season when he was moved all along the line, doing so while he was dealing with a hip injury and with an expiring contract. Oh, and he played well enough too. Which isn’t something we can say about most Bears defenders this season.

Derrick Rose is off crutches, everybody! Now people can use this against him by screaming “IF HE CAN WALK HE CAN PLAY!” And then Joakim Noah can respond by saying “calm down, coach.”

Staying on the Bulls for a moment longer, what should they do if Nikola Mirotic doesn’t come? Well, Lance Stephenson is an interesting option, even if I don’t agree with Ricky’s overall feelings on his talent.

Anything To Watch Today?

  • DePaul vs. St. Johns – Fox Sports 1, 6pm
  • Chicago vs. Colorado – CSN, 7pm

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