The Morning Constitutional: So We’re Still Talking About A Mascot, Huh?

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I love this city, but sometimes Chicago acts like the biggest collection of hayseeds ever assembled. Nobody feels slighted for no real reason like a Chicagoan.

When a comedian says he doesn’t like our pizza on his show, the local news does a story about it. Chicagoans respond to small, insignificant things like this on a regular basis. It’s so strange to me because the one thing the national media says about Chicago that nobody seems to fight, in spite of the fact it’s completely false, is that this city is a war zone. But I’m not going to get into that since there’s something so much more important going on.

That damned Cubs mascot.

As you see above, the Chicago Sun-Times felt the need to put it on the back page and devote not one, but two columns to it from sports columnist Rick Telander and regular ol’ columnist Neil Steinberg. Though it’s not as if the Sun-Times is alone on this.

There has been space wasted, both on the internet and on television, to talk about a mascot the last few days. Some television stations have been so blinded by the need to talk about Clark the Cub they don’t even realize they’re airing a well-hung photoshopped version of the mascot.

For fuck’s sake, I’m writing about this damn mascot right now, and I don’t even want to be!

The Cubs created Clark simply as an attraction for kids who come to the ballpark. Instead all they’ve done is distract all the idiots over 12.

Grow up, Chicago. It’s a man in a bear suit.

What’s Going On This Morning?

Hey, so there’s some significant news involving the Cubs and how they’ll be broadcast on television in the future. You have to know what channel the Cubs are going to be on or else you won’t know what channel to turn to for a glimpse of Clark The Cub so you can further bitch about him.

White Sox coaches got their first chance to really see Jose Abreu — and other guys — up close and personal yesterday, and there’s video for you to watch too. However, what matters more to me are the projections for Abreu in Chicago this season. I just really need him to work out.

Illinois basketball has been struggling recently, getting blown out by Wisconsin and then actually losing to Northwestern in a basketball game. The worst news of all, however, could be that Rayvonte Rice, the one man the Illini can count on to score points, may not play against Purdue tonight. He’s a game-time decision. If you think the Illini offense is ugly with Rice….

Anything To Watch Today?

  • Bulls at Magic – 6pm, CSN
  • Northwestern vs Michigan State – 6pm, BTN
  • Illinois vs. Purdue – 8pm, BTN

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