Is Masahiro Tanaka Down To The Cubs And Yankees?

Masahrio Tanaka

Here’s what we know for sure about Masahiro Tanaka. By the end of the week, we know where he’ll be playing baseball this season. We also know that there were reportedly five teams to submit official bids for Tanaka: the White Sox, Cubs, Yankees, Diamondbacks and Dodgers.

What we don’t know is which teams offered how much and where Tanaka will choose to play. There is a report, however, that there are two teams clearly in the lead at this point.

Tom Loxas tweeted this on Monday afternoon:

Now, how good Loxas’ sources are on this, I don’t know, but he’s generally clued in when it comes to Cubs business and all this is certainly feasible. It’s always seemed like Tanaka was somebody the Yankees would be going after with all they have, and as I’ve gone over numerous times, Tanaka makes a lot of sense for the Cubs too.

The only part of this that surprises me is that the Dodgers aren’t in that final group.

As for the White Sox, I’d suggest it’s time to move on if you’re a Sox fan holding out hope. This quote from Kenny Williams to Chuck Garfien — which was made on Thursday, but I missed until South Side Sox mentioned it today — tells you just about everything you need to know about the White Sox’ chances of landing Tanaka.

“We don’t believe that money will be the biggest factor, so we’re not going to give up until someone tells us ‘no,’” said Williams.

Generally any time a team tells you they “don’t believe money will be the biggest factor” when it comes to signing a free agent, you should take it as a sign that they won’t be signing that free agent. Because if there’s a big factor when it comes to free agency, it’s money.

And like I’ve said from the beginning with the White Sox and their interest in Tanaka, it was more “fuck it, it can’t hurt to ask” than “WE MUST DO EVERYTHING IN OUR POWER TO GET HIM.” That quote from Williams reaffirms my opinion.

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