I’m Already Tired Of This NBA T-Shirt Jersey Experiment


I really don’t know why the NBA is making the shift from regular old basketball jerseys to t-shirts, other than marketing purposes anyway, but it’s starting to look like the league is committed to the idea.

The Bulls have already worn the shirseys this season on Christmas (pictured up top), and there will be at least two more occasions when they bust out new versions of them.

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The White Sox Are Keeping The ’83 Jerseys

This is excellent news for those of you who loved the 83 uniforms last year. Personally, I was not one of you. I don’t hate them or anything, but I don’t think they look nearly as good as so many of you seem to.

The main difference, aside from the hat, is that these won’t just be for Sunday home games anymore. The team can wear them whenever the hell they want.

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The Bulls Are Reportedly Interested In Glen Davis


The Bulls didn’t make a trade before the NBA’s trade deadline on Thursday, but according to David Aldridge, that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in adding players to the roster.

Aldridge tweeted on Friday night that the Bulls are interested in Glen Davis, who was just bought out from his contract by the Orlando Magic.

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Look At What Canada Has Done To Patrick Kane

Gone is the youthful exuberance, in its place is wisdom. Wisdom being the word used to describe growing up to realize that the world is nothing but PAIN AND SADNESS.

On the positive side, though, should the U.S. beat Finland to win the bronze it will mean that seven of the 10 Blackhawks who went to Sochi will come home with a medal.

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There’s A ‘Loser Keeps Bieber’ Billboard Up In Chicago


That’s a billboard that’s currently up in Chicago about Friday’s semi-final between the United States and Canada. All of which means that there’s a lot more on the line than a possible gold medal.

Unfortunately this billboard also increases the chance that the game will never end, as both teams purposely miss the net in a shootout for eternity, ensuring that the NHL season never resumes.

Damn you, Justin Bieber. Damn you to hell.


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The Bears Will Stick With A 4-3 Scheme


While we can all expect to see plenty of new faces on the Bears defense next season, what we won’t be seeing is a new scheme.

In January I wondered if the changes the Bears had made to the coaching staff might mean that the franchise was looking to make the conversion from a 4-3 defense to a 3-4, or maybe a hybrid of the two. Now, we have an answer.

Well, sort of.

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Fearless Predictions: Edwin Jackson Will Still Drive You Crazy, But He’ll Improve


Spring training has begun, which means that, by god, baseball season is almost here. As Chicago baseball fans, the truth is we really don’t have a whole lot to look forward to this year, as both the Cubs and White Sox should struggle to even finish .500. Still, it will be baseball, and we will be watching it. So instead of writing general team previews for the upcoming season, I’ll be writing a series of posts in which I make FEARLESS PREDICTIONS about what will happen during the upcoming season. Today we look at Cubs starting pitcher Edwin Jackson

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