BREAKING: Carlos Boozer Has A Bad Contract


I know this is going to catch most of you off guard, so I hope you’re sitting down right now. It turns out that Carlos Boozer’s contract is one of the worst in the NBA.

At least, according to Bill Simmons and every Bulls fan in the world, anway.

Simmons released his annual list of the worst contracts in the NBA on Wednesday, and not surprisingly Boozer’s was on the list. Simmons ranked it as the tenth worst contract in the league. Here’s what he had to say about it. Well, actually, he really didn’t say anything about the contract, but here’s what Simmons wrote.

The single dumbest basketball conversation you can have right now …

Bulls Fan (excited): “We’re gonna be fine this summer — we’re amnestying Boozer and trading Taj so we have enough cap space to sign Melo.”

Non-Bulls Fan: “Why would Melo go from one shaky situation to another one?”

Bulls Fan: “What? To play with Rose and Noah! And Thibs!”

Non-Bulls Fan: “You really think Thibs is staying there? They fired his lead assistant last summer, then they traded Deng for nothing. Literally, they got nothing.”

Bulls Fan: “Yeah, but it’s gonna be fine — we’re getting Melo!”

Non-Bulls Fan: “Melo wants to win a title — why would he roll the dice with Rose’s knees? Rose is coming off two major knee injuries. By next October, he wouldn’t have been 100 percent in two and a half years. There’s a long history of guys missing that much time with repeated injuries and never being totally the same.

Bulls Fan: (Silent.)

Non-Bulls Fan: “Look, I’m not saying Rose can’t make it back. But why would Melo risk it? Wouldn’t he want a more stable situation? Especially after what he just went through in New York? He’s going to tie the rest of his prime to Derrick Rose’s knees?”

Bulls Fan (finally): “Yeah but still.”

Bit of an overgeneralization on what Bulls fans are thinking right now, and I’m not nearly as convinced that Tom Thibodeau is gone after this season as Simmons is, but the point stands. Boozer’s contract is bad.

Now, while I wasn’t surprised to see Boozer on the list, I was somewhat surprised to see that Boozer was the only Bull on it. I went in expecting to see Derrick Rose around No. 30. It seems Simmons is taking the wait-and-see approach on that, which is probably the wise decision.

None of us know who Derrick Rose will be when he returns from his latest injury. That being said, I wouldn’t be shocked to see his name appear on this list in the coming years, and just writing that is extremely depressing considering how Rose’s career started.

But the truth is that Rose is a point guard coming off of two knee surgeries that is still owed roughly $60.3 million over three years starting in the 2014-15 season. Should he not be the same player that is a lot of money to be paying him. The kind of money that would seriously handcuff the Bulls — who look at the luxury tax like some kind of terminal illness — in the coming years.

We just have to cross our fingers and hope that doesn’t become the case.

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2 thoughts on “BREAKING: Carlos Boozer Has A Bad Contract

  1. Just throwing this out there….not that I think it’ll happen….but do you think it’s crossed the minds of Bulls management to save that amnesty they were going to use on Boozer for Derrick?

    If Derrick Rose comes back next season and has a terrible year and seemingly its due his injuries…you are stuck with a huge contract for 2 more years. Wouldn’t it make sense to get out of that contract and then focus on the future? Because another bad year of Derrick…that’ll be 3 unproductive years from him (2 of them due to season ending injury). Or are the bulls in it for the long haul with Derrick?

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