The Bulls Are Reportedly Interested In Glen Davis


The Bulls didn’t make a trade before the NBA’s trade deadline on Thursday, but according to David Aldridge, that doesn’t mean they aren’t interested in adding players to the roster.

Aldridge tweeted on Friday night that the Bulls are interested in Glen Davis, who was just bought out from his contract by the Orlando Magic.

Now, I find this all very confusing. Actually, no, confusing is not the right word here, I’m not confused at all. What I am is dismissive, because I just don’t see why the Bulls would have any interest in Davis.

There are a few reasons for this. It’s not that I don’t think Davis wouldn’t be a useful player to have, as he’s averaged 12 points and six rebounds a game for the Magic this season. I don’t really see the need for him, though I suppose if given the choice of seeing Glen Davis get minutes or Nazr Mohammed, I’d go with Davis.

No, the major reason I’m not buying this is because the Bulls have shown us this season that they’re willing to do anything in their power to stay under the luxury tax threshold. It’s why Luol Deng is currently suffering in Cleveland, after all.

I mean, this is a team that’s decided it would rather run through every possible 10-day contract free agent out there than just sign a guy for the season because it doesn’t have a ton of room to work with salary wise.

And even if you could get Davis at the bare minimum you’re allowed to pay him, it would go against what the Bulls have shown all season long.

Plus, if the Bulls were going to sign a guy that was recently released, I’d think they’d be more inclined to go after Ben Gordon. The one thing this team seriously lacks is a source of offense, and while Gordon hasn’t been the same player he was when he was with the Bulls, he’s still the kind of player that can provide some offense.

Like a much less interesting Nate Robinson.

But even that is a situation I just don’t see happening. Frankly, I think this reported interest is nothing more than Aldridge asking Tom Thibodeau what he thought of Glen Davis and Thibodeau saying “we’d love to have him.” You know, typical coach speak that doesn’t actually mean anything.

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