The Joakim Noah/Carmelo Anthony Conversation: Consider The Source


I know you’ve heard about the conversation that allegedly took place between Joakim Noah and Carmelo Anthony during All Star Weekend. It’s been every where today, but just in case you haven’t read it, I’ll recap it for you.

Chris Broussard says that somebody told him that they overheard Joakim Noah tell Carmelo Anthony that if he wants to win he should come to Chicago.

Is it true? Did this conversation really happen? I don’t know, maybe. It wouldn’t be the first time one NBA player tried recruiting another. That’s how LeBron and Chris Bosh ended up in Miami with Dwyane Wade.

But that last sentence is one you should pay attention to.

Yes, that conversation between Noah and Carmelo could have happened, but I don’t believe it did. The reason why is the source: Chris Broussard. The Chris Broussard who has never had any source that wasn’t anonymous. The same Chris Broussard who, at different times during the GREAT FREE AGENCY SUMMER OF 2010 told you that ANONYMOUS SOURCES were telling him that both LeBron James and Dwyane Wade were going to sign with the Bulls.

You know, even though it was later discovered that the trio had basically decided to sign together while playing for Team USA, long before they even became free agents.

Take Broussard’s report seriously if you want to, or just dismiss it outright like I prefer to. I mean, I’m not an NBA cap expert, but I don’t even think the things Broussard says about amnestying Boozer giving the Bulls room to sign Melo are even true (noticing a trend in Broussard stories?). I’ve always been under the impression there’s no way the Bulls can get Carmelo without parting with Taj Gibson first.

But, hey, it’s not the first time I’ve read something Broussard reported and I was left shaking my head in confusion. Hopefully it will be the last.

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