The Bears Are Now After Lamarr Houston


On Monday afternoon the Bears pursuit of the best defensive end on the free agent market, Michael Bennett, ended before it ever really began. But just because the Bears lost out on Bennett, who took less money to stay in Seattle, that doesn’t mean they’re sitting back licking their wounds.

According to Ian Rapoport the Bears have already moved on to their next target.

Now, this is an interesting idea. While I’m not sure why Rapoport describes Houston as a “star defensive end,” that doesn’t mean I don’t find him to be an interesting player. First of all, he’s incredibly versatile, as the Oakland Raiders used him at both end and tackle, and even sometimes as an outside linebacker. Houston has also racked up 16.5 sacks in his four seasons, and is coming off a career-high with six last year.

But it’s important to remember that he’ll only be 27 years old when next season starts. He’s a player that has already performed well, but still has some upside. In fact, I don’t really understand why a team with as much cap space as Oakland hasn’t already wrapped him up.

But, then again, if I understood the decisions the Raiders make they wouldn’t be the Raiders, would they?

As for Houston, another bonus would be the fact that he’s not going to be all that expensive. Considering what Bennett signed for — and what the Bears reportedly offered him — Houston could turn out to be quite the bargain, and possibly produce just as much as Michael Bennett would have in a Bears uniform.

In a free agent market that’s as thin on the defensive line as this year’s, Houston is a very reasonable Plan B.

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