The Latest Possible Destination For Jeff Samardzija Is Arizona


Is it just me or is Jeff Samardzija possibly being traded to a different team every other week? A few weeks ago, when they experienced a couple injuries to their starting rotation, the Atlanta Braves were suddenly rumored to be interested in Samardzija.

Now, using the same “team suffers injury to starter + perpetual trade candidate Jeff Samardzija = Team interested in Jeff Samardzija” formula, there’s a new destination in town. The Arizona Diamondbacks.

While it isn’t official yet, it looks like Arizona is going to lose their top starter, Patrick Corbin, for the season to Tommy John. Which obviously opens up a big gap in their rotation, and everybody thinks Samardzija can fill that gap. Here’s what Bruce Levine wrote on Monday.

Cubs right-hander Jeff Samardzija will be scouted by the Arizona Diamondbacks again as the latter searches for answers following an elbow injury to ace Patrick Corbin that could keep him out the entire season, sources told 670 The Score.

Which makes sense. As we’ve seen over the winter with the trades between the Diamondbacks and the White Sox, whether it’s the proper approach to take or not, Arizona is trying to win this season. You don’t move most of your top prospects for a closer and slugger who can’t get on base and doesn’t have a position if you aren’t trying to win right the hell now.

So maybe it’s possible that the Cubs could pry pitcher Archie Bradley, Arizona’s top remaining prospect, in a deal for Samardzija. Bradley is going to start the 2014 season in Triple-A for Arizona, and it’s possible the Cubs would do the same thing with the plans to bring him up later in the season to limit his service time and keep him under control just a bit longer.

I just don’t know if making this move is what’s best for the Cubs in the long run. As for whether or not the Cubs should invest in Samardzija for the long run, I’m somewhat torn. I feel like he has the potential to be a top-of-the-line starter for a playoff team, but after having a fantastic 2011 season, he’s been somewhat average the last two years too. So I’m just not sure he’ll reach that potential.

And if the Cubs do want to trade him, is now the right time? The return for Samardzija could be greater in the summer when more teams are desperate for another starter while trying to make a playoff run. Archie Bradley could be a good return now, but there could be two Archie Bradleys available in July.

Then again, considering how desperate Arizona has felt with the moves it made over the winter, maybe the Diamondbacks are the perfect fit for Samardzija right now. If not, there will be another injury and another team in a few more weeks.

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