Would The Bears Sign The Sanchize?


Well here’s an idea that I’m sure won’t stir any kind of debate in the city of Chicago.

On Friday the Jets signed Mike Vick and released former first round pick Mark Sanchez. Which made a lot of people in New York and on the internet happy, because everybody loves making fun of Mark Sanchez. I mean, how can you not. He did give us all the joy of the #ButtFumble.


Anyway, Sanchez will be buttfumbling somewhere else next season, that’s a given. He’s a former first round pick that, in spite of recent struggles, was very successful early in his career. Let’s not forget that in 2009 and 2010 Sanchez won playoff games on the road against Philip Rivers, Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Some team, somewhere, is going to want to take a chance on that.

What isn’t known is which team that will be just yet, though CSN Chicago’s John Mullin has an idea.

The immediate question, based on comments by Bears general manager Phil Emery, was whether Sanchez’s next stop should be in Chicago with the Bears.

Sanchez’s best times in New York came while current Bears quarterbacks coach Matt Cavanaugh held that position from 2009-12, during which time Sanchez, the No. 5 pick of the 2009 draft, was helping get the Jets to AFC Championship games his first two seasons. Sanchez then became a turnover machine the next two seasons before missing the entire 2013 season with a shoulder injury.

My immediate reaction to this idea is LOLOLOLOLOL NO WHY? But then I think about it some more, and you know what? I don’t hate it. Obviously, with the limited cap space the Bears have available, and all the money they just invested into Jay Cutler, the contract that Sanchez gets plays a large factor in whether or not he’d be worth it. But let’s just say his salary demands are entirely reasonable.

Who would you rather have backing up Jay Cutler this season when he inevitably misses time: Jordan Palmer and a rookie, or Mark Sanchez and Jordan Palmer/a rookie. We all know that Marc Trestman is great with quarterbacks, as he helped Josh McCown get a two-year $10 million deal with Tampa Bay even though McCown will turn 35 this summer. So combine Trestman’s tutelage and the fact Matt Cavanaugh has already had success with Sanchez, and this could certainly work. Say what you want about how things went for Sanchez the last few years, but there’s a reason he was taken with the fifth pick of the 2009 draft. He has talent.

Maybe the Bears are the perfect place to get it out of him.

Plus, think of all the material we could get out of having both Jay Cutler and Mark Sanchez on the same damn team. It’d be a blogger’s dream.

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