VIDEO: Joakim Noah Is Still Awesome, Even Better With Bruce Springsteen


If you weren’t already aware, Joakim Noah is the greatest. He’s also good at basketball. Like, better than he has any right to be considering how tall and goofy he looks.

He’s been transcendent like Johnny Depp this season, as he’s completely taken over the Bulls on both offense and defense without Derrick Rose. He’s the key to the defense, but that’s not all he’s doing anymore. Pay close attention to the offense next time you’re watching. You’ll see the Bulls are running everything through Noah now. He’s basically a center that’s playing point guard, except he only handles the ball on the fast break.

Because seven-footers with long, curly hair running a fast break is something we’re all used to seeing on a daily basis in the NBA.

Or it isn’t, which is why it was awful nice of Rob Mahoney to put together this highlight compilation of Noah on the break and set it to Bruce Springsteen’s “Born to Run.”

Springsteen has never sounded better.

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