The Avisail Garcia News Is A Downer


Today was going so well.

I woke up this morning at 6am — did you know there’s a 6am? Turns out there is — in preparation for my guest spot co-hosting McNeil and Spiegel on The Score. (Which, by the way, was an experience I really enjoyed, and who knows, maybe I’ll be back on again.)

Of course, the lead story this morning was the injury to Avisail Garcia, which Spiegel disagreed with because we’d all been told it wasn’t a big deal. Garcia hurt his shoulder diving for a ball, but all the x-rays were clean and the team was calling it “jammed.” He was just going to miss a couple of days.

Then the show ended and minutes after getting home, sitting down and firing up the computer, the news came.

Fuck balls.

There’s really no other way to describe this but to say it sucks. Hard. Now, it doesn’t suck worse for anybody more than Avisail himself, as he’s losing an entire season of his career – the first season he was starting on an MLB roster with the expectation that he was going to be playing damn near every day.

It sucks for the White Sox, who got Garcia in last year’s Jake Peavy trade — how strange is it that both Garcia and Jose Iglesias, who Detroit got in the deal, are both out for the year while the injury-prone Jake Peavy is just fine, thank you very much — and were hoping to find out exactly what it is that they had. Rick Hahn has received plenty of praise for this on-the-fly rebuild he’s overseen. The 23-year old Garcia was supposed to be a big part of it.

And it sucks for us, the fans who were planning to watch the White Sox this season.

While the Sox rebuild may not be of the same level as the one taking place with the Cubs, for realistic White Sox fans, this season wasn’t being approached much differently. I know I’ve been tuning in this year not because I expect the Sox to compete for the division or a playoff spot, but because I want to see all these new kids.

I want to see Adam Eaton.

I want to see Jose Abreu.

I want to see Marcus Semien.

I want to see Matt Davidson at some point.

And I wanted to see Avisail Garcia. Now I’m not going to get that chance.

Add in the fact that Garcia seemed to be showing progress at the plate after working with new Sox hitting coach Todd Steverson – homering twice the night before suffering the injury – and it hurts even more.

I have nothing against Jordan Danks, and the truth is that in a just world, Jordan probably should have had a roster spot coming out of the spring, but this isn’t how I wanted him to get it. And, no offense to him, Jordan Danks isn’t who I’m tuning in to see. He’s not the future of this team.

Unfortunately, he’s now the present.

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