Derrick Rose’s Jersey Is Still Popular


Derrick Rose has played in only 49 games during the last three seasons, but it doesn’t seem to be affecting his popularity. At least, not in NBA merchandise sales.

The NBA released its list of the top jerseys sold for this season, and Rose’s jersey pops up in fourth place, behind only LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant. Somewhat more remarkable is the fact that Rose’s jersey was ranked fifth last year.

So I guess the 10 games he managed to play this season helped spike sales.

Now, this news is somewhat surprising, even if it isn’t too surprising. You’d think Rose’s popularity would shrink when he isn’t playing, but he’s still Derrick Rose. He’s still a former MVP playing in one of the league’s biggest markets, and he also maintains his presence in commercials, be they for Adidas or other companies.

But what’s the biggest reason for Rose’s jersey being so popular? ESPN Chicago’s Jon Greenberg mentioned some useful information.

Now, the question becomes this: are people buying more Derrick Rose jerseys because they’re the jersey that’s more readily available, or are there more Derrick Rose jerseys on the shelves because those are the ones that sell?

I’m leaning toward the latter. After all, the ratings the NBA Store uses are based on online orders, which means that Rose is still incredibly popular amongst NBA fans, so we’ll no doubt continue seeing plenty of people walking around sporting a Rose jersey.

If only we got to see Derrick wearing it more often.

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