Chicago Bears 2014 NFL Schedule


We’ve known for a while which teams the Bears would be playing next season, but now we also know the order in which the Bears will be playing those opponents, on what dates they’ll play them, and what time they’ll play them.


Week 1: Sunday Sept. 7, vs. Buffalo, FOX, Noon

Week 2: Sunday Sept 14, at San Francisco, NBC, 7:30pm

Week 3: Monday Sept. 22, at NY Jets, ESPN, 7:30PM

Week 4: Sunday Sept. 28, vs. Green Bay, FOX Noon

Week 5: Sunday Oct. 5, at Carolina, FOX Noon

Week 6: Sunday Oct. 12, at Atlanta, FOX Noon

Week 7: Sunday Oct. 19,  vs. Dolphins, CBS, Noon

Week 8: Sunday Oct 26, at Patriots, FOX, Noon

Week 9: BYE

Week 10: Sunday Nov. 9, at Green Bay, NBC, 7:30pm

Week 11: Sunday Nov. 16, vs Minnesota, FOX, Noon

Week 12: Sunday Nov. 23, vs. Tampa Bay, FOX Noon

Week 13: Thursday Nov. 27, at Detroit, CBS, 11:30am

Week 14: Thursday, Dec. 4, vs. Dallas, NFL Network, 7:25pm

Week 15: Monday Dec. 15, vs. New Orleans, ESPN, 7:30pm

Week 16: Sunday Dec. 21, vs. Detroit, FOX, Noon

Week 17: Sunday Dec. 28, at Minnesota, FOX, Noon

Okay, you may now begin the process of convincing yourself that the Bears can go 16-0 against this schedule. You know you will.

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