POLL: Would You Trade Joakim Noah For The #1 Pick?

This is the EXACT expression Jo would have when told he'd been traded to Cleveland

This is the EXACT expression Jo would have when told he’d been traded to Cleveland

Here’s a trade scenario that came out of no where on Wednesday. While conducting a chat at ESPN.com, Chad Ford was asked a question about which teams would be interested in trading up into the top three, and whether or not Cleveland, Milwaukee or Philadelphia would be interested in listening to offers.

I agree with Ford that the only one of those three teams I believe would do it is Cleveland, as both Milwaukee and Philly are in full-blown rebuilds, and you don’t pass up a chance at Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker while you’re rebuilding. But where things got interesting is what Ford said he thinks it might take to get the No. 1 pick in this summer’s draft.

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Corey Crawford Will Assault You With A Liquid Essential To Your Life On Earth

Now we know how he really won that belt

Now we know how he really won that belt

The Blackhawks season may be coming to an end tonight. If it does there will be plenty of Blackhawks fans that blame Corey Crawford for the collapse. They’ll do this because it’s much easier to blame the goalie instead of looking up the stats that show Patrick Kane, Marian Hossa and Patrick Sharp have combined for one goal and two assists in the first four games of the series.

But be forewarned, Lazy Blame Layer, Corey Crawford will assault you with water.

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Report: Orioles Interested In Samardzija


Let’s be honest with ourselves. When you’re a pitcher on the trading block, and you’ve got a 1.68 ERA, a 1.067 WHIP, a strikeout-to-walk ratio of over 3-to-1, and you’re on pace to throw over 215 innings, there are going to be a lot of teams interested in you. Particularly when you’re still under team control for another season and a half.

That’s certainly the case with Jeff Samardzija, and while every team has probably called the Cubs to kick the tires on a Samardzija deal at some point, according to Bruce Levine, one of the latest with serious interest would be the Baltimore Orioles.

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POTD: I Got A Puppy

Screen Shot 2014-05-27 at 7.01.04 PM


What’s his name?

HER name is Frankie. She is named after Frank Thomas. She also responds to Lil’ Hurt.

What kind of dog is she?

She’s a Bernese Mountain Dog.

Isn’t she adorable?

Yes, yes she is. And she’s only peed in the house twice!

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The Mailbag: Happy Memorial Day


Welcome to The Chicago Homer’s Mailbag. It runs once a week unless it doesn’t, and in it I answer questions from readers via Twitter or email. The questions can be about any damn thing you please, and there likely isn’t a question I won’t answer. There may be questions I can’t answer, but I’ll try.

If you’d like to submit a question for the next edition of the mailbag it’s pretty simple. Either ask the question on Twitter using the #AskTCH hashtag — as long as you use the hashtag I will see it — or send an email to TCHMailbag@gmail.com.

And now that you know how to do it, let’s get to the this week’s questions.

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