Early Thoughts On The Kyle Fuller Pick


Aaron Donald almost fell to the Bears at No. 14. I don’t know for sure that the Bears would have taken him, but I’d like to think they would. We’ll never know, because St. Louis took him at No. 13 and the Bears decided to go with cornerback Kyle Fuller out of Virginia Tech.

My initial response is one of ennui.

It’s not that I don’t think Kyle Fuller is a good football player. He is, and he was good for Virginia Tech. What he can certainly do is cover a receiver, and he has good size, but there’s nothing special about him. He only had six interceptions during his four seasons (never more than two in a season), and while he didn’t get tested all that often, that’s still not the kind of nose for the ball you hope for in a corner you’re taking this early.

Of the cornerbacks still available at the time, I’d have preferred Michigan State’s Darqueze Dennard or Bradley Roby. In fact, I think the Bears could have waited until the second round and taken a guy like Stanley-Jean Baptiste, Lamarcus Joyner or Marcus Roberson, and still gotten the same kind of player.

As for what Fuller can do, he’s not afraid to be physical — Virginia Tech CBs are always physical — and that’s good in run support. But I’m not drafting a corner to stop the run.

Which makes me wonder if the Bears are planning on moving him to safety, and if that’s the case, why not just take Ha Ha Clinton-Dix or Calvin Pryor? Both were available when they made the pick.

I’m not here saying Kyle Fuller can’t be a productive NFL player, and do so in a Bears uniform. I just don’t get the thought process behind the decision. Hopefully Fuller’s play will enlighten me.

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5 thoughts on “Early Thoughts On The Kyle Fuller Pick

  1. Kind of felt the same way, I would have rather preferred Calvin Pryor. However, a lot of national writers (Pete Prisco, Josh Norris, Mike Mayock) have been saying all week that Kyle Fuller is the best corner in the draft though, so hopefully they are right. I think it’s a solid pick.

  2. I don’t watch a lot of Virginia Tech football, but if the Bears drafted him I have to assume he’s going to suck.

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