The Cubs And White Sox Will Wear These Ugly Ass Memorial Day Hats


So those are the hats that the Cubs and White Sox will be wearing on Memorial Day this season. You can see the hats of every MLB team right here, but I’m not sure there’s any point to it. They’re all that ugly.

Now, I like to think that I’m smart enough to not get too upset about things like this, because they’re just hats. Hats that will be worn for one game and then discarded. But remember when MLB had Memorial Day hats that just gave each hat logo an American flag theme?

Those not only looked nice, but they were a nice little tribute to Memorial Day.

Fucking camo, though? Seriously? They’re playing baseball, they aren’t actually going to fight in a war.

Though I suppose there are plenty of players who will keep the hats to hunt in now that I think about it.

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2 thoughts on “The Cubs And White Sox Will Wear These Ugly Ass Memorial Day Hats

  1. Your entitled to your opinion but at least these hats are different than just the basic hat with a little glued on flag. They are licensed by MLB of course by the USMC to use their patented desert Marat camo. Plus the proceeds go to the wounded warriors foundation. So next time you run your mouth look up some facts first. P.S. Cubs blow and White Sox suck. Go Braves!

    • Hey, that’s all great, but I’m not sure what the Marines saying it’s okay, and the proceeds going to charity have to do with me thinking the hats are ugly.

      Also, instead of giving the proceeds of ugly hat sales to charity, how about MLB just gives them money instead?

      And I donate money to Wounded Warriors every year. Do you?

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