Early Thoughts On The Ka’Deem Carey Pick


The Bears finally went to the offensive well in the fourth round, and I couldn’t be happier with the pick. In Thursday’s NFL Draft mailbag I was asked who I thought the first offensive player the Bears took would be, so what I did was I just named the offensive player I wanted the Bears to take.

And the Bears took that guy.

Here’s what I wrote about Ka’Deem Carey on Thursday:

I wouldn’t be shocked if the Bears took a running back this weekend, and I wouldn’t be surprised if it came in the first four rounds. Now, without any kind of inside info, and purely guessing — unless it turns out I’m right, in that case I knew all along and had sources — I’d say it’ll be Arizona’s Ka’Deem Carey.

I really like Carey. He has very good vision as a back, and he rushed for 3,814 yards and 42 touchdowns the last two seasons. Oh, and he was useful on screens as well, catching 77 passes for 679 yards out of the backfield while in Tucson. He’s the kind of back that could fit well in Marc Trestman’s offense, and also give Matt Forte a break from time to time.

This is just a great pick. He’s does not have blazing speed, and he’s not going to break free for any 80-yard touchdowns any time soon. What he’s going to do is give the Bears a reliable back on short-yardage situations to begin with, and could prove to be the long-term replacement to Matt Forte.

He’s just a tough, physical runner that’s going to drag tacklers with him a few yards before going down.

He’s what Michael Bush was supposed to be, except without the belly, and with much younger — and cheaper — legs.

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