Early Thoughts On The Brock Vereen Pick


Well it’s obvious that Phil Emery and the Bears liked Minnesota safety Brock Vereen. Not only because they drafted him, but because they traded up in the draft to make sure they got him.

And while Vereen wasn’t the top safety on my board for the Bears, I did write about him as a possible target Friday.

Here’s what I wrote about Vereen then.

Vereen is a player I’ve seen a lot of during his college career, and he strikes me as somebody that Phil Emery would like. He’s a good athlete. While he doesn’t have ideal size, he’s quick and agile and has the ability to make up for mistakes because of it. Though he doesn’t really make a lot of mistakes, and I’ve seen him take some very good angles in coverage and in run support.

But he’s just not very big, and he needs to improve his footwork, and he can be a bit slow to close on a receiver in coverage. Should he improve upon it — and a lot of his faults are certainly fixable with coaching — Vereen strikes me as, you guessed it, a guy who could provide versatility by moving down to cover slot receivers in the nickel package.

I really don’t have much to add to that. The Bears needed a safety, and they drafted a safety — for the ninth time in ten years no less. Is he an answer at safety? I don’t think so, not at this point, but he’ll get a chance to compete.

As for the trade the Bears made, they got this pick and Denver’s 7th rounder this season for the Bears 5th round pick this year and in 2015. That means the Bears still have two picks left to make today, and they’ve “filled” all the needs so far. So they can go in any direction from here.

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