Early Thoughts On The David Fales Pick


I thought the Bears would consider a quarterback in the late rounds, and the Bears did more than consider a quarterback. They drafted one.

With their first pick of the sixth round the Bears took David Fales from San Jose State, and it’s a pick I like.

There’s a reason Fales fell this far in the draft, and it’s because he doesn’t have the arm-strength that all teams touch themselves while thinking about. What he is, though, is a very good fit for a West Coast offense like the Bears run.

I haven’t seen Fales play as often as I saw other quarterbacks in this draft, but I saw enough to like. He does what he’s supposed to do, and a lot of times, that trumps everything else with a quarterback.

Let Marc Trestman get his hands on him, and the Bears could wind up with a very good backup quarterback option for when Jay Cutler gets hurt again. Because we all know he will.

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