This Is One Way To Sign A Contract Extension

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say that Brandon Marshall is the first professional athlete to go on a morning talk show and sign his contract extension. At first I wasn’t sure it was really happening, but the Bears confirmed the extension themselves shortly after Marshall broke the news on The View.

So it has to be true.

As for the details of the deal, Marshall will get $39.3 million over the next four years, as the extension is for another three years and $30 million. He was already scheduled to get $9.3 million this year.

All of which is good news. There were off-field concerns about Brandon Marshall when the Bears first traded for him, but he’s been the model citizen since showing up to Chicago — aside from one nightclub incident. He was also the best wide receiver in the NFL last season using PFF’s grades, as he checked in with a grade of 37.3. The next highest receiver was Jordy Nelson at 23.7.

So any time you can lock up a weapon like Marshall for a long time, you do it.

Now, obviously, there are possible concerns here. Marshall did turn 30 in March, and NFL players seldom improve once they’ve crossed that threshold. That being said, any drop off in Marshall’s play could be mitigated by the continued growth of Alshon Jeffery, and both players benefit from having each other on the opposite side of the field.

Plus this is the NFL. Contracts don’t actually mean anything, but it’s nice to have this signed and out of the way so the Bears and Marshall don’t head into the season wondering what the future holds.

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