POLL: Would You Trade Joakim Noah For The #1 Pick?

This is the EXACT expression Jo would have when told he'd been traded to Cleveland

This is the EXACT expression Jo would have when told he’d been traded to Cleveland

Here’s a trade scenario that came out of no where on Wednesday. While conducting a chat at ESPN.com, Chad Ford was asked a question about which teams would be interested in trading up into the top three, and whether or not Cleveland, Milwaukee or Philadelphia would be interested in listening to offers.

I agree with Ford that the only one of those three teams I believe would do it is Cleveland, as both Milwaukee and Philly are in full-blown rebuilds, and you don’t pass up a chance at Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker while you’re rebuilding. But where things got interesting is what Ford said he thinks it might take to get the No. 1 pick in this summer’s draft.

Of the three, I think the Cavs are the most interested in trading the pick. The Bucks and Sixers are in a rebuild and highly value those picks they have. The Cavs are going to want a youngish veteran All-Star in return. Kevin Love is the obvious choice here. Joakim Noah. LaMarcus Aldridge. Al Horford. That’s what it is going to take.

Now, just so there’s no confusion, there are no talks between the Cavs and Bulls right now. Nor do we know that there’d be any actual interest on either side in doing so.

It just made me wonder how Bulls fans would react to the deal. I know how I feel on it, but I want to know how you feel.

If you’re Gar Forman, and the Cavaliers offered you the first pick in this summer’s draft for Joakim Noah, would you do it?

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5 thoughts on “POLL: Would You Trade Joakim Noah For The #1 Pick?

  1. Not sure I’m a “Hell, no”, but I am a no. These guys are not LeBron James or even Dwight Howard, I don’t think anyone out there is a franchise changer where Joakim is, at least on a leadership/team identity level.

  2. I don’t think the bulls would ever do it…or be offered the chance at doing it…but if it was an option, the Bulls should do it. As much as I love Noah….I don’t see how he gets you closer to a championship….even with a healthy Rose. Heart, hustle and muscle only go so far.

  3. I voted no but I would have a really hard time actually turning down a chance at Andrew Wiggins or Jabari Parker.

  4. Assuming Love is out of play this summer, I would definitely do it (and take Embiid). The current roster is not capable of winning a championship. You have to assume Rose has either lost a step or will continue to be an injury problem, and in addition to that, even adding Carmelo Anthony, Lance Stephenson, Gordon Hayward or Kyle Lowry does not make this a top 3 team in the NBA. Noah is approaching 30, and even though I wouldn’t say he’s “injury prone”, he has had foot and now knee problems. Noah played his ass off this season, and deserved the top 5 MVP talk he got from writers around the country, but he is not a guy who is the best player on a championship team which he very well may be depending on how Rose looks. And even outside of championship contention, Noah’s value will never be higher. I don’t mean to treat this like a fantasy basketball league, but he is just not a very good offensive player and we can get a #1 overall pick for him in a good draft. Yes, his passing improved a lot the last two years, but we only need his passing because we are a terrible offensive team that doesn’t have players that can create for themselves (except of course, D-Rose).

    We could conceivably struggle through a next season of Embiid and Mirotic adjusting as rookies to the NBA, Rose trying to regain his form, and our 16/19 picks just trying not to suck and finding PT in Thibs’ system (I’m gonna say we draft LaVine and Hood for this hypothetical simply because I really like them). Then 2 seasons from now, we could have a lineup of Rose, LaVine/Hood (assume one of them pans out, one doesn’t), Butler, Gibson and Embiid with Mirotic off the bench and all having at least some experience. Now this top 6 clearly doesn’t have championship potential either for at least 2-3 years, but it reasonably does the 2-3 years after that before/while Rose hits age 30. And this doesn’t even take into account any other moves or good luck gracing us. We could potentially get Sacramento’s 11-16ish overall pick in the 2015 or 2016 draft (and they are trying to deal their #8 overall pick this year for someone good enough to get them out of the bottom 10). We have our own 2015 1st round pick which could be high teens since we have so much uncertainty if we deal Noah. Additionally, there is about an 8 million dollar cap difference between what Noah is making next year and the #1 overall pick in the rookie wage scale, so you can also add a Lowry or Hayward or whoever you want to further bolster the roster for the amount of years you want until you have to extend Embiid’s contract. And if ownership is willing to amnesty Boozer, which understandably becomes harder in this scenario, you also have Boozer’s amnestied cap amount to play with. Or they could save all this money altogether and make a run next summer for Love or Aldridge or anyone they think could give us more years of being a title contender with a healthy Rose.

    This is a no-brainer to me, also because I think Embiid will be better than Noah. So many (better) options and things you could do depending on how injuries shake out, other teams play (should guys like Love and Aldridge become even more available), ownership decides to play with salary cap and the Thibs situation, etc. This obviously won’t happen though like you said, which is cool because I love Noah and all and I will still watch this team take top 4 in the East and lose in the semi’s until the Thibs/Rose/Noah era ends.

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