The Bears Will Not Be On Hard Knocks


As I wrote in January, I really wanted the Bears to be the subject of this summer’s “Hard Knocks” on HBO. They were one of the teams eligible to be on it this year according to the new rules the NFL imposed for team selection, and I had been hoping that I’d finally get the chance to go behind the scenes of training camp for the one football team I truly care about.

Well, hope in one hand, and you know the rest.

The Bears won’t be the subject of the show this summer, as it was announced Thursday that it will be the Atlanta Falcons instead. It seems the Bears weren’t as interested in having HBO cameras following them around Bourbonnais as I was, which is too bad.

I had thought that maybe, just maybe, with a new regime in place, the team would be more open to this kind of thing. There was never any chance in hell of it happening under Lovie Smith and Jerry Angelo, and I guess there’s just a good a shot of it happening under Marc Trestman and Phil Emery.

So we won’t be able to see the inner workings of a quarterbacks meeting featuring both Jay Cutler and Jimmy Clausen saying “brah” every other word. It’s truly the world’s loss.

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