Report: Bulls A Favorite To Land Carmelo Anthony

Miami Heat v New York Knicks

There aren’t many reporters more in tune with the inner-workings of the NBA than Yahoo’s Adrian Wojnarowski, and that could be either very good or very bad news for you, Bulls fan, depending on your perspective or preference.

The word right now is that Carmelo Anthony is leaning toward opting out of his deal with the Knicks and leaving New York. According to Woj, Chicago is one of the two favorites to land him.

From his report:

As re-signing with the Knicks continues to fade as his priority, Chicago and Houston have emerged as the clear frontrunners to acquire Anthony, league sources told Yahoo Sports.

Anthony’s meeting with Knicks officials on Friday night had little impact on his state of mind, league sources said, because there remain too many uncertainties about how quickly president Phil Jackson can reshape the team into a championship contender.

Chicago and Houston front-office executives are working diligently on contingencies to clear the space to sign Anthony outright – or engage sign-and-trade scenarios with New York, sources said.

“His heart is in New York,” one source familiar with Anthony’s thinking told Yahoo Sports, “but he wants a chance to win now.”

No matter what you think of the Bulls getting Anthony, the good news here is that if the Anthony opts out the Bulls could sign him without completing a sign-and-trade that could cost them Taj Gibson. The bad news is that a sign-and-trade might actually give the Bulls a better chance to get Carmelo since the Knicks might view those two draft picks this summer as more attractive than anything Houston can offer, even if those picks come in box carried by Carlos Boozer.

Of course, if this report is true it could explain why the Bulls were reportedly talking with the Nuggets about sending their two picks for the #11 pick instead. When trying to clear enough cap space to sign Anthony, two more rookie deals on the books doesn’t help.

Also, this report comes on the heels of some other interesting news from Friday night.

Would Mirotic be hanging out with Jerry Reinsdorf for any other reason than the obvious? Seems like the wheels are in motion to finally bring him over as well.

Let the summer truly begin.

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