Report: Blackhawks, Ducks leaders for Ryan Kesler


This summer is just going to be insane, isn’t it? It seems like every few hours there’s a new report about the Blackhawks or Bulls trading for somebody, and frankly I’m all right with it because it’s a lot better than trying to figure out how to fix the White Sox and Cubs.

Just minutes after I published this story about Patrick Sharp being on the block there was an update in the Ryan Kesler Sweepstakes. There was a report last week that I didn’t write about because I was in Florida saying that the Blackhawks and Penguins were the two frontrunners for Kesler.

Well, that’s apparently changed.

ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun — one of those sources whom I actually trust — is reporting that multiple sources have told him that it’s not the Blackhawks and Anaheim Ducks in the lead for Kesler’s services. From his blog:

The Anaheim Ducks and Chicago Blackhawks seemingly have broken from the pack and are the front-runners for Ryan Kesler, multiple sources have told

Kesler’s preference to land in either of those two cities stems in part from his desire to win a Stanley Cup; he also holds a no-trade clause, giving him the power to dictate to some degree his destination.

And he’s certainly a great fit for either club, with both teams wanting to upgrade their No. 2 center position.

The one thing Kesler can’t dictate, however, is forcing the Vancouver Canucks to trade him. Unless and until either Anaheim or Chicago presents a package that the Canucks believe is worthy, they won’t move him, one source said. These things can change with one single conversation, but as of Tuesday afternoon, no trade for Kesler was imminent.

LeBrun also goes on to say that while Pittsburgh may be interested in Kesler, there’s no clear indication that Pittsburgh is somewhere Kesler would want to be.

Of course, I think the thing to really take away from what LeBrun says is that the Blackhawks still have to make an offer to Vancouver that it would consider good enough for Kesler. A Patrick Sharp-for-Ryan Kesler swap seems incredibly easy to do — along with draft picks obviously — but I’m not sure a 32-year old winger and some draft picks would be enough to pry Kesler away from the Canucks.

Maybe the expiring contract of Carlos Boozer would work? You can trade players across sports, right?

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2 thoughts on “Report: Blackhawks, Ducks leaders for Ryan Kesler

  1. I don’t want any Blackhawks to get moved but if the Blackhawks have to trade someone why wouldn’t they trade Marian Hossa? He’s a great player but he takes up a lot of cap space also. Plus he’s older than Sharp. I mean Patrick Sharp was the Blackhawks points leader this past year. Why could it not be Marian Hossa? Yet again I don’t want to see any hawk player leave but why not think about trading Hossa? Or even trading Johnny Oduya with Hossa and maybe even a pick? I just don’t want to see Sharp leave as he’s a good leader and a really good player.

    • I think there’s a good chance Oduya won’t be back, but as for Hossa there’s a pretty simple reason why he’s not getting traded.

      He still has seven years left on his contract at $5.725 million each. Sure, he’s going to retire at some point before that deal ends, but it’s going to be hard to find a team that is willing to take on that deal in a trade for anything but scraps.

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