Report: Patrick Sharp Is On The Block


Since the Blackhawks season ended I’ve been mentioning the possibility that a player like Patrick Sharp could end up being traded, and according to one source, he’s certainly on the block.

According to Sportsnet’s Nick Kypreos, Sharp is “out there.”

“Chicago’s now looking for a centerman, and Patrick Sharp’s available,” said Kypreos. “He’s out there. Patrick Sharp is out there right now and we’re going to continue to hear some big names that are available.”

I don’t know if Kypreos actually knows what he’s talking about, or if he’s speculating. Sorry, but I’m not up on whether or not Canadian sports television is up to the high standards of ESPN (that was sarcasm, just so we’re clear). Saying that, the idea of Sharp being on the block shouldn’t come as a surprise to anybody, so even if he’s just making shit up there’s a good chance he’s right.

Now, trading Sharp would certainly be weird. He’s been with the Blackhawks throughout this awesome run of the last five years, and there are reasons for and against moving him now.

We’ll start with the reasons for trading Sharp.

  • He has a cap hit of $5.9 million each of the next three seasons, money which can go toward the extensions of Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane, as well as a second center.
  • He’ll be turning 33 in December of next season, and skill players like Patrick Sharp don’t tend to get better as they age. At least, most don’t. There’s always a Teemu Selanne around, and I suppose it’s possible that Sharpie is a handsome Teemu.
  • He may never have more value on the trade market than he does right now. If the Blackhawks were going to trade Sharp for that second center, they could get a good one in return right now. Next summer? Maybe not.

Reasons not to trade Sharp.

  • He’s part of the core, man! Meatball reasoning, sure, but understandable meatball reasoning. Plus he’s an alternate captain, so he’s one of the leaders in the locker room.
  • He’s handsome.
  • For all the talent that the Blackhawks currently have on the roster, he did just lead the team in goals (34), points (78) and was second in assists (44). That’s a lot of production to replace.
  • What if Teuvo Teravainen is your second center? Do you really want to risk trading away one of your key players for a player you might not even need?

Which side do you fall on? If the Blackhawks could get the second-line center they’ve always needed by trading Patrick Sharp — either by getting that center in the Sharp trade, or just freeing up the salary to sign him — would you do it?

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