Patrick Kane And Jonathan Toews Are Gonna Get Paid


The Blackhawks biggest priority this summer is to sign both Patrick Kane and Jonathan Toews to contract extensions. Both players have one year remaining on their current deals with both carrying a cap hit of $6.3 million.

And it seems as if that’s going to go up.

Check out this tweet from TSN’s Bob McKenzie:

So, yeah, they’d each be nearly doubling their current salaries in such a deal, which on one hand, would be fine. They’re both worth that much money, and guys should be paid what they’re worth. But then there’s the other hand. The one that has the Blackhawks already just under the NHL salary cap — which will rise this summer, but not that much — and now trying to accommodate the salaries of their two superstars.

These negotiations will be very interesting to follow, and Patrick Sharp’s agent may be getting another call from Stan Bowman shortly.

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