The Fire Are Interested In Jermaine Jones


Today is the MLB trade deadline, and I haven’t written an actual post here all week, so of course the the rumor that I’m writing about here involves the Chicago Fire. But it’s somewhat of a big rumor, though! Don’t run away so fast!

It appears that the Fire are interested in bringing in a player that people have actually heard of: Jermaine Jones.

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POTD: Derrick Rose Is All Better Now

Andrew Bernstein/Getty Images

Andrew Bernstein/Getty Images

Yesterday was the first practice for USA basketball, which means that it was the first time anybody was actually able to see Derrick Rose play basketball in a long time. In fact, it’s been so long, when a video of Rose making a layup while being fouled surfaced on Twitter, the entire world seemed to react as if they’d just seen a man land on the moon for the first time.

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The Mailbag: Which Cubs Prospect Is Going To Be A Bust?

Screen Shot 2014-07-26 at 9.48.45 AM

Welcome to The Chicago Homer’s Mailbag. It runs once a week unless it doesn’t, and in it I answer questions from readers via Twitter or email. The questions can be about any damn thing you please, and there likely isn’t a question I won’t answer. There may be questions I can’t answer, but I’ll try.

If you’d like to submit a question for the next edition of the mailbag it’s pretty simple. Either ask the question on Twitter using the #AskTCH hashtag — as long as you use the hashtag I will see it — or send an email to

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The Cubs Want To Trade Edwin Jackson, But Nobody Wants Him


As a fan it’s incredibly easy to want your favorite baseball team to trade somebody. It’s even easier when that player is getting paid $11 million this year and is owed another $22 million over the next two seasons while putting up a 5.61 ERA (though his FIP is only 4.27!) in 20 starts.

So of course you want the Cubs to trade Edwin Jackson, it’s only natural to. And I have good news for you: the Cubs seem to want to trade Edwin Jackson too. It’s just that there’s a relatively major problem with the plan.

Nobody wants to trade for him.

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