Bulls Still In The Running For Melo?

New York Knicks

Good news, Bulls fans, I have some more false hope for you.

In recent days the news about Carmelo Anthony has taken on the story that Anthony is down to two teams, but instead of those two teams being the Knicks and Bulls as had long been the belief, it’s the Knicks and Lakers.

Well, maybe the Bulls aren’t just out of it yet.

Frank Isola of the New York Daily News is writing that Carmelo is “torn” on what to do, and is down to three options.

Carmelo Anthony is “torn” over where to spend the prime years of his career, according to a friend of the Knicks All Star forward.

Anthony, 30, is still debating his next move with the Knicks, Lakers and the Bulls as his top three choices, the source claims. Chicago is still in the running despite the fact that the Bulls, barring a sign-and-trade, cannot come close to matching the max deals the Knicks and Lakers offered Anthony last week. However, the Bulls do allow Anthony to stay in the Eastern Conference, play in the large market and join a contending team.

The Bulls can also offer Anthony memories of his childhood growing up in Baltimore, which has to be a bonus if you ask me.

Now, obviously, if Carmelo is still considering the Bulls that’s a good thing for the Bulls, but I’ve never been optimistic about Anthony choosing Chicago, nor do I think this report should do much to make anyone change their mind on the subject.

Of the three teams he’s reportedly down to, two can offer him a lot of money to be on a middling team, and one can offer him less money to be on a contender. He’s said that he wants a chance to win, but money is money, and it’s hard to say no to the amount of money Anthony would be giving up to come to Chicago.

I don’t care who you are, or how much money you’ve made.

So because two of his options are New York and Los Angeles, which are two cities Anthony already has a home in, and can offer him more money, I just have a really hard time imagining that he’s going to choose Chicago.

If only Derrick Rose had picked up the phone! That would have changed everything!

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