Some Helpful English Phrases For Nikola Mirotic

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During his introductory press conference with the Chicago Bulls, Nikola Mirotic confessed that his “English is not so good.” Which is understandable, as he was born in Montenegro and has spent his entire professional career in Spain.

So he does speak Spanish, and seeing that I have a passable knowledge of the Spanish language, I thought I could help Nikola make the transition to English.

Here are a few English phrases that Nikola could use in his first season in the United States.

Dónde está el baño?

Where is the bathroom?

¿Estás ciego, árbitro?

Are you blind, referee?

Eso era lo único balón!

That was all ball!

Dame eso, Jo

Gimme that, Jo!

La lluvia de España cae principalmente en la cara, perra

The rain from Spain falls mostly on your face, bitch (for when he hits a three)

He aprendido mucho de Pau Gasol.

I have learned a lot from Pau Gasol.

Eso es sólo Thibs siendo Thibs.

That’s just Thibs being Thibs.

Sólo tenemos que encontrar una manera de ganar sin Derrick.

We just have to figure out a way to win without Derrick.

Entrenador, puedo sentarme porque no puedo sentir mis piernas.

Coach, can I please sit down because I cannot feel my legs.

This should be enough to help you get started, Nikola. If you have any questions, feel free to ask us. In English or Spanish.

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