Minnesota Continues To Negotiate Trade For Kevin Love Through The Media


On Tuesday rumors surfaced that the Bulls were still very much involved in the Kevin Love Trade Sweepstakes. Though most of the focus on Love the last few weeks has been about the Timberwolves and Cavs discussing a deal that would involve Andrew Wiggins, the top pick in last month’s draft, it wasn’t that surprising to find out that the Bulls would still have interest in love.

After all, getting Love from the Wolves would not only improve the Bulls roster, but it’d keep the Cavs — a division rival that just got LeBron James back — from getting him as well. It’s just there was one small problem with the Tuesday’s rumor.

By most accounts, it was Minnesota leaking the Bulls supposed interest.

The most likely scenario at play here is that Minnesota is trying to get Cleveland to improve its offer, so it’s just suddenly letting the world know through “anonymous” sources that the Bulls are still in play as well, and gosh, they’re offer sure is enticing. A scenario that became even more likely following another report today from Chris Sheridan.

Sheridan wrote that a source confirmed to him that the offer the Bulls have made involved Taj Gibson, Doug McDermott and Nikola Mirotic. A deal that’s somewhat complicated because it couldn’t actually be made for another 29 days, as both McDermott and Mirotic signed their rookie deals on Tuesday, and can’t be traded for 30 days after doing so.

But the part of the Sheridan story that stuck out to me was this:

The source who spoke to SheridanHoops said he believed the Bulls offer was better in the minds of the Wolves than the Cavs’ current offer of Wiggins, Anthony Bennett and a No. 1 pick.

But if Cleveland is willing to include a second future No. 1 pick (Cleveland owns the rights to Miami’s first rounder as well as Memphis’ in 2015), it might be enough to trump Chicago’s offer.

Do you see what’s happened there? The source, which is no doubt from the Minnesota side, is literally negotiating the trade through the media. That little snippet that was included in Sheridan’s story is Minnesota telling Cleveland “add another first round draft pick to your offer and you have a deal.”

I don’t know if Minnesota is trying to save money on its phone bill, but I know the odds that Minnesota will take the reported package the Bulls offered over a potential superstar in Andrew Wiggins aren’t very good.

Though if you want to hold on to your hope, you go right on ahead.

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