The Fire Are Interested In Jermaine Jones


Today is the MLB trade deadline, and I haven’t written an actual post here all week, so of course the the rumor that I’m writing about here involves the Chicago Fire. But it’s somewhat of a big rumor, though! Don’t run away so fast!

It appears that the Fire are interested in bringing in a player that people have actually heard of: Jermaine Jones.

Fire manager Frank Yallop confirmed the team’s interest following last night’s scoreless draw (it was so exciting!) with Vancouver.

“We have interest in the player for sure,” Yallop said. “We’ve spoken to the agent, but at this point there’s nothing to add until someone agrees or it gets concluded. The truth of the matter is we have interest in the player but nothing has been finalized yet. That’s all I can say on it for now.”

While Jones doesn’t really fill a need for the Fire, I have a hard time finding a reason to not like this idea. Yeah, there are players I’d rather see the Fire bring in, but those players aren’t available right now. Jones is.

I’ve grown tired of watching players from Europe or the United States national team come to MLS and see them go to teams that aren’t the Fire. The Fire are in the third largest market in the country (Bridgeview is just that big!), with a large soccer fanbase in the area, yet time after time these big name players end up elsewhere. It’s annoying.

Just once I want to see one of these recognizable players come to Chicago.

And Jermaine Jones is a recognizable player. He’s not a great player, but he’s a good player, and he’s better than any other option that the Fire currently have at his position. But that’s part of the problem too.

The Fire have a lot of players at the same position as Jones. He’s not really a need. He’d improve the team, making them stronger in the midfield, and his presence would help the backline as well. Considering the Fire have allowed 33 goals in 20 matches this season, I’ll take all the defensive help I can get.

So it’s not Clint Dempsey, it’s not Michael Bradley, and it’s not Frank Lampard, but it’s something. It’s another reason to watch, and right now, that’s enough for me.

I can wait another 10 years for Messi if I have to.

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