Defending The Bears Defense

-USA Today Sports Images

-USA Today Sports Images

I come here today not to tell you that the Bears defense played well Sunday. It didn’t. Nor did I come here to tell you that the defense is good. It’s not. Instead I come here to say that, as awful as the Bears defense looked at times, the truth is things weren’t as bad as they seemed.

I mean, unless we’re talking about Chris Conte. He was just as bad as it seemed.

I haven’t rewatched the game yet, and I’m not sure I should, but just judging by what I saw the first time, and what the box score reaffirms, is that the Bears can’t blame yesterday on the defense. No matter how badly we want to.

Jay Cutler has taken a lot of heat for the loss, and rightfully so. He threw two interceptions, and at least one of them was of the dumbest variety possible.  But it was the offense as a whole that let the Bears down yesterday, as there were three turnovers, and those turnovers played a huge role in the Bears loss.

The Bears run defense allowed nearly six yards per carry, which is awful and terrifying for the rest of the season, but overall the defense actually did a decent job. Buffalo scored its first touchdown immediately after the Bears scored the opening touchdown, putting together a nine-play, 71-yard drive. After that, though, the Bears defense got its shit together for the most part.

Not including the game-winning field goal in overtime, the Bills had three more scoring drives after that first interception. Those three scoring drives covered a grand total of 58 yards. The Bills began those drives at the Bears 46 (picked up 14 yards, kicked a field goal after Brandon Marshall’s fumble), the Bears 7 (after Cutler’s first interception) and the Buffalo 48 (went 37 yards before kicking a field goal after Cutler’s second interception).

That means each turnover resulted in points for Buffalo, 13 in total.

In Buffalo’s seven regulation possessions (not including the possession at the end of the fourth before overtime) that didn’t start after a Bears turnover the Bills ended up punting five times, turned it over on an interception once, and had the first touchdown drive I mentioned earlier.

Does that sound like a terrible performance to you?

None of this is to say that the Bears defense played well. For the most part there was no real pass rush to speak of, I don’t remember seeing a single linebacker making a play except for DJ Williams ripping Fred Jackson’s helmet off, and there were the big run plays for the Bills. We’ll all remember Jackson’s 38-yard run in overtime as he bowled over Chris Conte (though in Conte’s defense, and as he said after the game, he was trying to strip the ball at that point since Buffalo was already in field goal position but still LOL JESUS, CONTE) and let’s not forget the 47-yard run Ahmad Dixon had right up the gut of the defense as well.

The defense was bad, and it certainly didn’t give many reasons to be optimistic about the rest of the season, but it did get off the field when not put in a ridiculous position to begin with. At the end of the day there’s not much more you can ask for from it.

Of course, I haven’t watched the tape yet. I’ll probably have plenty thinks to ask of it after that.

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