On The Future Of The Chicago Homer

Hey look, a post!

There haven’t been many on this site in the last few months because, with the college football season starting, I have to dedicate my time to work. The plan had been to resume writing here on a regular schedule once the college football season ended, but plans tend to change.

This will be the last post on The Chicago Homer for quite some time. Possibly forever.

While I’ve spent the last four years writing at CBSSports.com, I’ve been doing so as a freelancer. That meant I was free to write whatever I wanted for whomever was willing to have me write for them. Starting Monday I’ll no longer be a freelancer, but a full-time employee at CBSSports.com.

That’s good news! I’ll have a contract, benefits, and all that good shit. But with all that good shit comes the fact that I’m no longer free to write wherever I want. From now on every single word I write for public consumption will be for CBSSports.com.

So no more Homer for the foreseeable future.

Which is somewhat sad (for me, anyway), as I’m never going to stop caring about Chicago sports, and I’m always going to have thoughts and feelings about them that I want to share. And I’ll continue to do so, just not here, and not in written form.

As for what this means for the site’s Twitter account, I’m not sure as of yet. I’m not going to delete it, but I don’t know what I’ll do with it, either. Maybe I’ll still use it to vent about Chicago sports — it’s nice having a Twitter account where I can swear in all caps sometimes — or maybe I won’t. I really haven’t given it all that much thought.

And I doubt you care that much, anyway.

If you want to continue following me on Twitter, you can do so at @TomFornelli. It’s basically the same thing, except with a lot less swearing and a lot more college football.

Anyway, for those of you that read The Chicago Homer over the course of its short existence, thank you. It’s always nice to have something to say, but it’s better when others are willing to listen to or read it.

And don’t worry, the Bears season will be over soon. I promise.

How To Make Tom An Actual Cubs Fan


Just gonna leave this here.

Yep, that’d do it.

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