Hello there, my name is Tom Fornelli. You may remember me from such blogs as Foul Balls, South Side Asylum or The Champaign Room. Maybe you recognize me from professional endeavors at FanHouse, SportsByBrooks and NBC Chicago.

It’s possible you’re familiar with my current work writing about college football at CBSSports.com’s Eye On College Football.

Or maybe you just know me as the guy who overuses caps lock and stupid hashtags on Twitter — whether at @TomFornelli or where some of you may have discovered me over @NotHawk.

Either way, you’re here now. This is The Chicago Homer. This is where I will be writing about Chicago sports from now on. Now, I didn’t call this site The Chicago Homer because I’m a fan of Chicago teams and will be writing strictly from the viewpoint of a meatball homer.

I called it The Chicago Homer because Chicago is home, and at The Homer, Chicago sports are the only game in town.

So, welcome. Enjoy what I write. Feel free to disagree with me or join the discussion in the comments. Just try not to be an asshole while doing so and I don’t foresee any problems.

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