Report: Arizona Is Still Interested In Jeff Samardzija


Over a month ago I wrote about a report from Bruce Levine telling us how the Arizona Diamondbacks were interested in Jeff Samardzija after losing Patrick Corbin for the season. It was a move that made sense then, as Arizona basically put all its chips in the middle of the table this winter in the hopes of making a run in the NL West.

Then the season started and things haven’t gone according to plan for Arizona since. The Diamondbacks are currently the owners of the worst record in baseball at 8-20. But don’t go thinking a terrible start would cause them to change course, now. According to another report, Arizona is still just as interested in Samardzija, and may be even more desperate to get him now.

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The Latest Possible Destination For Jeff Samardzija Is Arizona


Is it just me or is Jeff Samardzija possibly being traded to a different team every other week? A few weeks ago, when they experienced a couple injuries to their starting rotation, the Atlanta Braves were suddenly rumored to be interested in Samardzija.

Now, using the same “team suffers injury to starter + perpetual trade candidate Jeff Samardzija = Team interested in Jeff Samardzija” formula, there’s a new destination in town. The Arizona Diamondbacks.

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