How Will The Blackhawks Look Next Season?


Tonight the Stanley Cup Final begins and the Blackhawks aren’t in it. That means the offseason has officially begun for Stan Bowman, and there will be changes made to the roster before next season kicks off. What those changes will be, we don’t really know just yet.

But I’m going to try to figure them out anyway.

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Bryan Bickell: The Convenient Scapegoat

Bryan Bickell

Bryan Bickell may be Joel Quenneville’s current scapegoat, but he’s far from the only problem with the Blackhawks right now. Bickell’s biggest mistake seems to be accepting the $16 million contract the Blackhawks offered him in the offseason.

Bickell was benched on Sunday night against Winnipeg, as Quenneville looked to shake things up on a team that’s been coasting a bit too frequently these days, and it paid immediate dividends. The Blackhawks managed to score one whole goal on 35 shots while blowing their 1-0 lead in the third period to lose 3-1!

Problem solved!

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The Morning Constitutional: Q Finally Comes To His Senses


Joel Quenneville has heard you,  Hawks fan.

Maybe you didn’t notice it on Wednesday night against the Rangers, but Marcus Kruger got some time as the second-line center with Patrick Kane. Well, on Thursday it was announced that Kruger would be on the second line with Kane again against Montreal on Saturday, as Quenneville said he’s going to get a shot at the job.

And it’s about fucking time, too.

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