Defending The Bears Defense

-USA Today Sports Images

-USA Today Sports Images

I come here today not to tell you that the Bears defense played well Sunday. It didn’t. Nor did I come here to tell you that the defense is good. It’s not. Instead I come here to say that, as awful as the Bears defense looked at times, the truth is things weren’t as bad as they seemed.

I mean, unless we’re talking about Chris Conte. He was just as bad as it seemed.

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Bears vs. Jaguars: What I’ll Be Watching Tonight

NFL: Chicago Bears-Training Camp

If you watch preseason football as nothing more than just a football game, you will be bored out of  your mind. By the time the second half starts the field will be filled with players you’ve never heard of that probably won’t make the team, and then that voice begins creeping into your mind, asking you just what it is you’re doing with your life.

And it’s very important to shut that voice up and stuff it back in its little hole where it minds its own god damn business. So how do you do that? It’s simple! You don’t watch tonight’s Bears game to watch the actual game, you just look for the interesting things inside the game.

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The Bears Have Signed Ryan Mundy


While the big splash was made quickly, it wasn’t the only ripple the Bears left in the free agent pool on Tuesday. There was the signing of linebacker Jordan Senn to a one-year deal, but odds are his impact will be on special teams, as that’s how he’s carved out his six-year career.

The other signing that could actually result in a new starter on the Bears defense was safety Ryan Mundy.

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The Bears Have A Long Way To Go

--USA Today Sports Images

–USA Today Sports Images

As I was watching the NFC Championship on Sunday night there was a feeling I just couldn’t shake. It was a battle between two very good teams, possibly the two best teams in the NFL right now, and it was fantastic to watch, but as much as I enjoyed it, my mind was back here in Chicago for a lot of it.

I kept thinking over and over again was that the Bears have a long way to go. A long, long way.

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