The Mailbag: Which Of Our Crappy Baseball Teams Is Better?


Welcome to The Chicago Homer’s Mailbag. It runs once a week unless it doesn’t, and in it I answer questions from readers via Twitter or email. The questions can be about any damn thing you please, and there likely isn’t a question I won’t answer. There may be questions I can’t answer, but I’ll try.

If you’d like to submit a question for the next edition of the mailbag it’s pretty simple. Either ask the question on Twitter using the #AskTCH hashtag — as long as you use the hashtag I will see it — or send an email to

And now that you know how to do it, let’s get to the this week’s questions.

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The Road To Rodon Was The Right Path To Take

We already know how he'll look in the uniform

We already know how he’ll look in the uniform

Just over a year ago I was still covering Illinois sports at The Champaign Room, and the Illini actually had a good baseball team. This meant that, for the first time ever, I was actually paying close attention to college baseball. (I used to spend some time watching the College World Series during the summer, but never too closely.)

Illinois had qualified for a regional that could have sent them to the College World Series, and it was news to follow for the site. So I began watching college baseball when I could. The Illini wouldn’t get out of their regional, thanks to Tyler Beede (who was taken with the 14th pick by San Francisco last night) and Vanderbilt ending their run.

But during that time I came across a pitcher named Carlos Rodon.

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