The Cubs Want To Trade Edwin Jackson, But Nobody Wants Him


As a fan it’s incredibly easy to want your favorite baseball team to trade somebody. It’s even easier when that player is getting paid $11 million this year and is owed another $22 million over the next two seasons while putting up a 5.61 ERA (though his FIP is only 4.27!) in 20 starts.

So of course you want the Cubs to trade Edwin Jackson, it’s only natural to. And I have good news for you: the Cubs seem to want to trade Edwin Jackson too. It’s just that there’s a relatively major problem with the plan.

Nobody wants to trade for him.

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The 20 Highest Paid Players In Chicago


On Wednesday it was announced that Jonathan Toews and Patrick Kane had signed contract extensions with the Blackhawks that would see both making $10.5 million a year starting in the 2015-16 season.

It also means they’ll be the highest paid players in NHL history, but how do their salaries compare to other athletes in Chicago? Well, not all that well, actually.

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Fearless Predictions: Edwin Jackson Will Still Drive You Crazy, But He’ll Improve


Spring training has begun, which means that, by god, baseball season is almost here. As Chicago baseball fans, the truth is we really don’t have a whole lot to look forward to this year, as both the Cubs and White Sox should struggle to even finish .500. Still, it will be baseball, and we will be watching it. So instead of writing general team previews for the upcoming season, I’ll be writing a series of posts in which I make FEARLESS PREDICTIONS about what will happen during the upcoming season. Today we look at Cubs starting pitcher Edwin Jackson

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