Don’t Get Caught Up In Jared Allen’s Sack Numbers


The news that the Bears had signed Jared Allen didn’t come as that much of a surprise to me this morning. When the Bears announced that they had restructured Jay Cutler’s deal, moving $5 million into the signing bonus to free up about another $4 million in cap space this season, I knew something was up.

They already had enough cap room to sign all their draft picks, and if they just wanted to give themselves flexibility during the season, why would they do it in March?

No, they had to be trying to sign somebody, and Allen was the only player left on the market that would command that kind of room.

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The Bears Have Signed Ryan Mundy


While the big splash was made quickly, it wasn’t the only ripple the Bears left in the free agent pool on Tuesday. There was the signing of linebacker Jordan Senn to a one-year deal, but odds are his impact will be on special teams, as that’s how he’s carved out his six-year career.

The other signing that could actually result in a new starter on the Bears defense was safety Ryan Mundy.

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The Bears Are Now After Lamarr Houston


On Monday afternoon the Bears pursuit of the best defensive end on the free agent market, Michael Bennett, ended before it ever really began. But just because the Bears lost out on Bennett, who took less money to stay in Seattle, that doesn’t mean they’re sitting back licking their wounds.

According to Ian Rapoport the Bears have already moved on to their next target.

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Michael Bennett Is Staying In Seattle

Welp, on to Plan B, Bears fans.

As for the deal Bennett is getting, PFT reports that it’s $28.5 million over four years, and according to Brad Biggs, the Bears may have made a bigger offer. So when you combine that with the fact that Bennett didn’t even wait for free agency to officially begin, it sure seems like he just wanted to stay in Seattle, doesn’t it?

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The Bears Are Interested In A Player We’ve Always Known They’d Be Interested In

New Orleans Saints v Seattle Seahawks

The math isn’t hard to figure out. The Bears need to make an upgrade on the defensive line this offseason, and one of the quickest ways to do that is on the free agent market. There just so happens to be a defensive end on the market named Michael Bennett, who happens to be the brother of Bears tight end Martellus Bennett. The same Martellus Bennett the Bears signed to a four-year $20 million deal last offseason.

So guess who the Bears are expected to go after pretty hard? Well, your mom was totally lying to you when she told you that you were smart, but it turns out you’re not entirely stupid either. It’s Michael Bennett.

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Josh McCown ‘Unlikely’ To Re-Sign With The Bears


The Bears have been active re-signing their free agents lately, but one of the names we haven’t heard much about is backup quarterback extraordinaire Josh McCown. Since the end of the season McCown has expressed his desire to return to the Bears and backup Jay Cutler, but saying and doing something are very different things.

And according to Ian Rapoport of, it’s “unlikely” that he’ll be doing it.

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The Joakim Noah/Carmelo Anthony Conversation: Consider The Source


I know you’ve heard about the conversation that allegedly took place between Joakim Noah and Carmelo Anthony during All Star Weekend. It’s been every where today, but just in case you haven’t read it, I’ll recap it for you.

Chris Broussard says that somebody told him that they overheard Joakim Noah tell Carmelo Anthony that if he wants to win he should come to Chicago.

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