Robin Ventura Is Really Mad At Home Plate

And just in case he hadn’t kicked enough dirt on it, Robin had to go back for seconds.

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Javier Baez’s First Career Homer

Last night I was on a plane coming back from Florida, and while I was on that plane I missed the two greatest things to happen in Chicago baseball in history. One was Adam Dunn pitching for the White Sox, and the other was Javier Baez hitting his first career home run.

A game-winner at that.

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Sean Johnson Saves The Day

Screen Shot 2014-07-12 at 8.29.06 PM

There’s a thing you learn when you watch the Chicago Fire enough. You learn that, no matter how good things are going, something bad is always going to happen. So I knew that the Fire were going to give up a tying goal in Saturday’s match against New England, because they aren’t allowed to win matches.

Draws or losses, that’s how they roll.

So when the Fire were called for a foul with five minutes to play and New England got a penalty kick, I didn’t even bat an eye. I knew it was coming.

What I didn’t know was coming was this.

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