White Sox Draft Pick Rankings


The MLB Amateur Draft will begin on Thursday night, and since I pay little to no attention to high school and college baseball, I’m not going to bother trying to break down possible picks for either the Cubs or Sox. Instead I’ll look at history to give us an idea of the future. So, much like I did with the Bears a few weeks ago, I’m going to rank the first round draft picks of both our franchises over the last 20 years. We’ll start with the White Sox.

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The Mailbag: Yes, We Have A Mailbag Now


When I was writing over at The Champaign Room I started a weekly mailbag post, and enjoyed it. While some of the questions got a bit repetitive, it provided the chance to write about things other than Illinois sports from time to time.

Believe me, when you’re writing about Illinois sports constantly, you really look to find ways to write about anything else occasionally. Your sanity demands it.

Well, Chicago sports doesn’t have the same effect because I only write about whatever the hell I want when I want, but I still enjoyed doing that damn mailbag. So I’ve started one here now. This is it! The first one! You are reading history!

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The Cervelli For Beckham Talk Won’t Go Away


Back in February there were reports that the White Sox had scouts checking out Yankees catchers. I took this news and ran with it a bit, positing that a possible deal centering on Gordon Beckham for Francisco Cervelli would work for me.

Hell, I said I’d do it straight up. I’ve just reached that point with Gordon Beckham where I feel like if he is ever going to figure things out again, it will be somewhere other than Chicago.

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The Mariners And Sox Have Talked Viciedo


I’ve written plenty about Dayan Viciedo here over the last few weeks, and I’ve done it all knowing that there is a distinct possibility that, by the time the season actually starts, Viciedo won’t even be in a White Sox uniform. I’ve spent the whole winter wondering whether or not Rick Hahn would trade either Viciedo or Alejandro De Aza, and while there’s no guarantee he’ll move either, there is interest in Viciedo.

In a report, Bruce Levine implies that there are multiple teams interested in Viciedo, though the only team he’s able to confirm has interest is the Seattle Mariners.

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Gordon Beckham Reminds Paul Konerko That He’s Old

Today is Paul Konerko’s 38th birthday, just in case you couldn’t figure that out from the tweet above these words right here. If you can’t read what Gordon Beckham had written on Konerko’s case, don’t worry, I can.

“One more year then… he gone! Senior citizens, although slow and dangerous behind the wheel, can still serve a purpose!”

And this year that purpose will be “making sure Adam Dunn gets less at bats while handcuffing what Robin Ventura can do with his bench. Oh, and being a mentor or something.”

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