Frank Thomas Is A Hall Of Famer

Congrats, Frank. I’m sure this post I wrote after all the votes were in was what made it happen. See you in Cooperstown.

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There Simply Is No Reason To Deny Frank Thomas

White Sox v Orioles

Over the last few weeks I’ve spent too much time reading words written by people about the Baseball Hall of Fame. It’s reached the point where the folks who are constantly writing about what is wrong with the Hall of Fame, its selection process and the old dinosaurs allowed to submit ballots — and let’s not forget those folks whom don’t even cover baseball anymore — have become just as annoying as folks like Murray Chase, who admit to submitting ballots solely for the reason of pissing those same people off.

It’s ridiculous.

I love sports, and I understand why the Hall of Fame is important, particularly to the players hoping to get in. I don’t care what your profession is, you really don’t get tired of people telling you that you’re one of the best of all time. So being immortalized in Cooperstown is certainly an honor I understand.

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