The White Sox Sausage Race Is Going To Be Pretty Great

I look forward to Hawk telling us the story about that one time he ate sausages with Ted Williams and how it taught him to be a better baseball player.

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Does Rick Hahn Have Another Move To Make?


The big news at the start of SoxFest on Friday was that Robin Ventura had signed a mystery extension with the White Sox. We don’t know how long the extension is for, or how much money Ventura is getting, but he’s signed it. The White Sox swear.

What stood out to me on the first day of SoxFest, though, was the fact that Ventura’s extension may not be the last bit of breaking news from the Sox this winter.

When the Sox missed out on Masahiro Tanaka I figured that would be the end of the offseason for the team. Rick Hahn practically said so himself on SportsTalk Live Wednesday.

Now it appears that may not actually be the case.

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