The Bears Will Not Be On Hard Knocks


As I wrote in January, I really wanted the Bears to be the subject of this summer’s “Hard Knocks” on HBO. They were one of the teams eligible to be on it this year according to the new rules the NFL imposed for team selection, and I had been hoping that I’d finally get the chance to go behind the scenes of training camp for the one football team I truly care about.

Well, hope in one hand, and you know the rest.

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Don’t Get Caught Up In Jared Allen’s Sack Numbers


The news that the Bears had signed Jared Allen didn’t come as that much of a surprise to me this morning. When the Bears announced that they had restructured Jay Cutler’s deal, moving $5 million into the signing bonus to free up about another $4 million in cap space this season, I knew something was up.

They already had enough cap room to sign all their draft picks, and if they just wanted to give themselves flexibility during the season, why would they do it in March?

No, they had to be trying to sign somebody, and Allen was the only player left on the market that would command that kind of room.

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