Trying To Make Sense Of The McDermott Trade


Shortly after I published the Mailbag on Saturday I received another question from a reader, and rather than wait until next week’s AskTCH, I decided to just answer it in its own post today. The question was from reader Casey Boguslaw, and it was about the Bulls decision to trade both their first round draft picks this year, and a second-rounder next year for Doug McDermott and Anthony Randolph.

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All Quiet On The West Madison Front

NBA Coach of the Year

On Wednesday night it was announced that Steve Kerr, who was expected to take the Knicks coaching job, was instead the new coach of the Golden State Warriors. It was an announcement that came as a surprise, even if it did make sense for Kerr.

It also led to a very easy joke.

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Please Let This Be The End Of The Kirk Hinrich Era


It was hard to find a silver lining in the Bulls blowing another one late Tuesday night but it was there.

You see, in the final seconds, there were the Bulls running their offense, needing a basket to tie the game and send it to a second overtime. It was the most important possession of the year because, while it wouldn’t officially end the season, getting down 0-2 in a series with the next two games on the road is a daunting task.

So what did they do on that final possession? The same thing they’d done on what felt like the last 15 possessions. The Bulls gave the ball to Kirk Hinrich and said “go do something, guy who shot 39% this season!”

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What Exactly Have The Bulls Told Carlos Boozer?

NBA: Denver Nuggets at Chicago Bulls

So apparently I missed some pretty big news while half-assedly paying attention to the Bulls game against Brooklyn last night.

While flipping back-and-forth between the Bulls and the Olympics I must have missed a sideline report from TNT’s Craig Sager that dropped a few bombs on the viewing populace.

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Those Around Nikola Mirotic Think He’ll Be A Bull Next Season


LeBron James and Carmelo Anthony will be the big prizes after the NBA season, but odds are neither will be the big acquisition the Bulls make during the offseason. Instead the biggest “free agent” the Bulls go after will likely be the one they got in a draft day trade back in 2011: Nikola Mirotic.

Yes, after three years of playing well in Europe for Real Madrid, there are signs that this summer could be the summer Mirotic finally crosses the Atlantic to give the NBA a try. Though his salary wouldn’t be the only cost to the Bulls.

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